Screening & Qualifications

Screening & Qualifications - Indianapolis SinglesAt Indianapolis Singles our members’ security is paramount. This means we not only safeguard your time and money, but also your physical well-being. By the way, gentlemen, this also applies to you! Many online sites are littered by fake profiles of beautiful women used to either attract, retain, or extract personal information from you. Your information is then either sold to others or used to scam you outright by asking for donations, money, etc. Ever wonder why all of those pretty girls who ‘winked’ at you never replied when you attempted to interact with them? Last year alone over $100,000,000 was scammed from online daters, which doesn’t even factor in all of the shell dating sites with fake profiles selling fraudulent memberships.

Imagine spending weeks talking with someone only to learn that they’re not who they say they are. In other cases, someone will create a false profile to hide the fact that they are already married, or that they have a criminal record. Any of these scenarios can leave resentment and disillusionment in their wake…or much worse. You won’t find any fake profiles, misrepresented photos, or non-qualified members here.

Screening & Qualifications - Indianapolis SinglesWe also verify our members age and marital status, and we take professional pictures for their profile, so you know you won’t be duped by a picture taken several years ago—or a picture of someone else. When you see another member’s’ photos, you can be confident that’s the person you’ll be meeting when you go out.

We work hard to provide you peace of mind and ensure you have a quality dating experience. You can rest assured knowing all Indianapolis Singles’ clients are either local singles or travel to our welcoming city regularly. In addition, they meet our high standards of integrity and have only the sincerest intentions when it comes to finding someone special.