10 Great First Date Ideas

So, you’ve met someone and it’s time to go on that first date. Not sure what to do? Let us help you pick something that will be fun and romantic.

  1. Grab a Drink
    Getting coffee or cocktails depending on time of day is one of the tried-and-true first date activities. That’s because it’s a casual, laidback way to get to know one another with low pressure.
  2. Go for a Walk
    This is a simple choice, yet it’s hard to go wrong with a relaxed walk around a park or a lake. It’s nice to enjoy each other’s company in the fresh air, and awkward silences don’t feel so awkward when there is scenery to look at and walking to do!
  3. Go to a Bookstore
    It can be so romantic to talk about the books you love. It can be an easy way to find something meaningful in common. Books can say a lot about a person. If you like your date, buy them a novel, if you really like your date, buy them a hardback! Some bookstores have coffee shops inside so grab a cup of joe and talk for a while.
  4. Take a Cooking Class
    Love hormones, dopamine and norepinephrine, are released both from romantic connection and satisfying hunger. Cooking together is a way to get your hands dirty with someone and see how they operate in the kitchen.
  5. Live Music
    Attend a festival or outdoor concert with your date. Find out if you share the same music taste and rock out.
  6. Play a Game
    Pickleball, pool, ping pong, shuffleboard, there are a lot of games out there that are fun to play for two people. Head to a bar or the tennis court and play a few games with a partner. An active date leaves gets your blood pumping and lets you show off your athleticism. A little friendly competition is great for first date chemistry.
  7. Visit a Museum
    Head to a museum for intriguing art installations. Getting to know someone with the backdrop of gorgeous art can be more fun. Enjoy the sights and pick their brain about what they like and don’t like, you’ll learn more about them.
  8. Wine and Paint
    These make for the perfect date night. What more could you want than a bottle of wine and a paintbrush?
  9. Escape Room
    Escape rooms are great for teamwork. Find out how well you work together and have an awesome story for your second date.
  10. Attend an Open Mic Night
    Comedy and laughter bring people closer. Worry less about carrying the conversation when someone else is busy making the jokes.

These are just a few ways to get out there on a first date.