Singles Trips – The Adventure Begins

INDIANAPOLIS SINGLESDear Eloisa: I recently read about singles trips and events in the Indianapolis area. They included everything from singles casino night, to a singles cruise, to singles wine tasting tours. It all sounds fabulous, but to be honest, can you really meet that someone special with these types of outings? I have had a few friends who went on trips and gatherings like these, but unfortunately didn’t really find any men that were even the least bit compatible. I was just wondering about your thoughts on the subject.

Thank you!

Sally – Indianapolis, IN

Dear Sally :If you ask me, it’s time to get out there! I think maybe your friends didn’t rely on the right type of dating service. Events such as the ones you name, among others, offer a tremendous opportunity to meet like-minded, age appropriate singles looking for that someone special just like you. Consider it: you are immersed in a fun, exciting and relaxed atmosphere, what better time to meet an eligible man. You’re not merely focusing your attention on some dead end dating site that presents you with myriad photos and hastily contrived profiles, but you are actually engaging with other singles in the Indianapolis area looking for love and friendship.

I absolutely love the idea of singles events and trips. I particularly applaud the way Indianapolis Singles conducts these kinds of social outings. Primarily, in order to be a member of their dating service, potential clients go through a thorough screening process. They even have a professional photo shoot so that their profile pictures are great quality and true to life. But perhaps it is the care they take with all of the details when arranging these types of singles trips, or even when just helping set up a date between two members, that really sets their dating services apart.

So my thoughts on singles events…go for it, but do it with the right company, one who truly has your best interests at heart. Indianapolis Singles can make sure you go to the perfect event for you, attended by other singles in the Indianapolis region who share your interests, likes, and relationship goals. And then if you do meet that special guy at casino night, a speed dating event or a singles dinner cruise, they can help you take that potential romance to the next level. Absolutely great with all of the dating details, they make finding romance seem easy! You’ll be glad you gave it a chance, trust me.

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