Dating at any age has its share of advantages as well as its share of challenges. Luckily, for those of us who prefer to spend time with a person experiencing the beauty the world offers, rather than engulfed in the latest social media trends and goings-on in our ‘friends’ lives, – a demand for traditional dating services and matchmakers has risen dramatically in recent years. This demand is especially real for single people 50+, the ‘Boomer’ generation.

“Mature single adults who have lived deep and meaningful lives want more quality interactions, deeper connections, and a partner who wants the same, but who also values having a relationship, “says the Director of Indianapolis Singles, Christen Campbell: “You are seeing a trend of people pulling back from their social media life and reinvesting in their personal life.

It’s economics. When the economy started to go down, people were looking for a quick fix to feel better. Social media and one swipe dating apps were the perfect solutions. They gave you just enough of a small boost to take off the edge, without requiring much of any effort on your part. Now that the economy is rebuilding, people are starting to rebuild their connections. As the quality of life goes up, so does the desire for quality relationships.”

It is not just in dating that we see this trend. The travel industry is seeing more people taking trips to see family, rather than taking that exotic international trip this year. There is a desire it seems, after years of disconnect from working, living the better half of our lives online, for reconnecting with friends and family in real life.

“As one Member told me, Campbell said: “My family is not going to be around forever. I am investing my time and money in making memories with my family, and in finding my partner, with whom I will spend the rest of my life. I am saving a trip to Italy for next year after I find the right person.’” We all should have something to look forward to and someone meaningful to share the experience. If you have been thinking about sharing your remaining journey with someone special, Indianapolis Singles can help you.

Indianapolis Singles offers a variety of services and events for single adults living in the greater Indianapolis area and 50+ in age, interested in quality dating and relationship outcomes. Indianapolis Singles members are screened and verified.

To learn more, submit your request for more information form @ www.realindianapolissingles/boomers, or you can speak with an Indianapolis Singles representative directly @  (317) 210-1376.